Sleep Without Boundaries

Lumos’ Commitment to Liberating Your Dreams and Aspirations from the Constraint of Circadian Rhythms

Empower you to Pursue Your Dreams and Aspirations on Your Own Schedule

At Lumos, our mission is to liberate people from the limitations of their circadian rhythms and enhance their overall well-being through improved sleep. We believe that sleep is a critical component of a healthy and fulfilling life, and that it should not be a constraint on people’s choices and aspirations. Our core competencies lie in the scientific understanding and adjustment of circadian rhythms to optimize sleep quality and duration. We use science to understand how human bodies work, and we apply that knowledge to help people master their sleep, so they can live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Our goal is to empower:

Empower you to get the best out of your trips

Empower you to pursue your passions and careers without worrying about your well-being

Empower you to take control of your sleep schedules when switching between fun life and work life

Empower you to synchronize your sleep timings with your loved ones without compromising your sleep quality.

We are committed to leveraging cutting-edge research and technology to develop innovative solutions that help people achieve the sleep they need and deserve.
We are fortunate to have the trust and support of many organizations including NASA and the DoD, many elite athletes and performance trainers, and our early customers who help us grow and build better products.
Whether through our products or services, Lumos strives to be a trusted partner in promoting healthy sleep habits and improving quality of life.
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