Sleep Tech at CES 2024: Unlock Your Best Sleep with Innovation

Firstly, we’re excited to share that our Lumos Mask was nominated by the National Sleep Foundation as their 2023 Sleep Tech Award finalist. Thanks to the National Sleep Foundation, we had the privilege to showcase its innovative features at CES, leaving a lasting impression on sleep enthusiasts and experts alike. 

Daisy Palacios/Marketplace: Can tech help improve your sleep?

While at CES, we took the opportunity to explore the latest advancements in sleep tech, discovering two remarkable products that caught our attention:

The Ozlo Sleepbuds

Founded by the original team who created the Bose sleepbuds, the Ozlo sleepbuds is an upgraded version of the original. The sleepbbuds blocks noise, plays music or podcast to help you fall asleep, and switches off or to white noise after detecting you falling asleep. The materials are incredibly soft, very comfortable to touch.

Powered by a fantastic team of top-tier engineers and suppliers, you know you will be in good hands with them. Check out their Indiegogo preorder and get 26% discount!

Embr Labs Temperature Control

Ever experience nighttime wakeup feeling too hot or too cold? It turns out that you don’t need to cool your whole body to get whole-body relief for hot flashes. By delivering temperature change waves on your wrist, the Embr Labs bracelet helps your body cool down or warm up, promoting a more restful sleep. 

I tried it on my wrist. The rosegold version is absolutely beautiful, and most importantly, it does cool down my body temperature

The Owlet Baby Monitor

All parents know what it means to have a happy sleep baby. Owlet, the baby sleep and vital monitor is back, this time with FDA clearance. They offer two different models: the Dream Sock for healthy baby, and the BabySat for hospital-grade monitoring at home. They also offer nonwearable, camera-only option that functions just like a regular baby monitor.

Dawn House Adjustable Smart Bed & Mattress

The Dawn House Adjustable Smart Bed & Mattress is designed for seniors, offering a solution that prioritizes comfort, safety, and ease of use. The bed has an adjustable height, so seniors can get in and out safely with the lower setting, and get care by others by raising the bed to a higher level. The corners are recessed and padded to minimize trip hazards. It also offers an easy-to-operate remote control with large fonts, which is truly senior-friendly. Such awesome features come with a steep price tag at $8,994.

Finally, if you are visiting Las Vegas, definitely pay a visit to the INSIDE of the Sphere. The Las Vegas Sphere is a giant architectural wonder that takes you on an unforgettable journey inside. When you’re surrounded by stunning virtual landscapes, it truly felt like I was standing there looking over the national parks. Absolutely amazing immersive virtual reality experience.

Pro tip: if you go, try to sit at the 200 sections, which will give you a much more immersive experience and less likelihood of dizziness.

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